As I guessed before, we will learn about motivation deeply in this course. And that is true. In the second week we were learned about The Influence of Needs on Motivation to Learn. In this topic, we learned about Maslow’s hierarchy of need and the need for self-determination (such as the need for competence, autonomy, relatedness, assessment and learning).
In last Monday, actually I sat in front seat (near the door) but when Ms. Mima asked us to discuss in pairs about Maslow’s Hierarchy of need and Humanistic Theories articles, she asked us to make a pairs with friend who sat far from us so I moved to the back seat. In the back seat I got a chair in the corner of class. After read the articles we discuss in pair, then Ms. Mima asked some of us about “what is our opinion about the hierarchy, could we skip a step in that hierarchy?” and my friend’s opinions were diverse. Suddenly Ms. Mima called me, but she didn’t call my name she called me with my seat position, “you who quite and sit in the right corner of this class, what is your opinion?”, I was a bit shock but it was nice. And I told that in my opinion it could not skip each other because in Hierarchy it relate each other, for example in someone’s survival needs do not fulfilled, so will be something lack in her/his self and it will be make she/he could not fulfill the other needs. By the way, I like Ms. Mima ways in teaching, so fun and interesting, she always involve students to be more active in teaching and learning.
In the role play part, we had to determine what is the role play topic in each group (what kind of self-determination that played by that group), so we had to watching and read the article carefully to determine it. I saw most of us make a role play from a real life case for example in my Group. My group would make a role play with Topic “The Need for Relatedness”. After we spent some times to discuss about the scenario, we did a role play. Our role play told about a student who excommunicated from her friends, no friends who want to be her group mate. In our role play there were two scenes, first scene with unwise and not good personality teacher and the second one with a wise teacher.
The unwise teacher let students made group by themselves, even the teacher have known about a student who excommunicated by the other, she even participated treat unfair with that student. When that student gave a question to the teacher, the teacher ignores her. Otherwise, the wise teacher would not let them make groups by themselves because she know that there is a students excommunicated in this class. So, teacher divides and determines the groups. The wise teacher also did not participate treat unfair with that student, she answer that student’s question wisely. Because a good teacher should be realize that everyone need for relatedness to increase the motivation. Like in article that given by Ms Mima Relatedness, the feeling of being connected to others in one’s social environment and feeling worthy of love and respect (Maslow, 1968, 1970. Teachers can help meet students’ needs for relatedness and approval by communicating unconditional positive regard and a genuine commitment to students and their learning (Cornelius-white,2007)
I hope from role play that we did, we could take heed. Follow the positive example and leave the negative example. As a teacher candidate in the future we hope that we give a better treatment for students, better system and strategy in teaching for better generation in Indonesia. ^_^
That’s all my second week reflection of MMSEL course. Thank You.