Second week
In this week I learn about “The Needs that influence motivation to learn”. In this lecture I learn and recall about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and also the self-determination theory.
In his theory, Maslow described that people needs can be categorized in two groups. The first one is deficiency needs which consist of several stages. They are survival needs (food and water), safety needs(freedom from emotional and physical threat), belongings(love and acceptance from family and peers), self-esteem(recognition and approval) and, and the second one is growth needs which consist of self-actualization stage. According to Maslow, human’s those needs are hierarchical. It’s just like a stair. People have to pass on lower stair before he can reach the higher stair. It means that, human have to fulfill his deficiency needs first before he can show their full potential as human being. Maslow’s theory implies to our teaching and learning activity in classroom. Students cannot show their full potential to learn in classroom when their deficiency needs are not fulfilled yet. For example, when the teacher is being feared by students they will be hesitate to ask questions, so when they found something that they understand some students prefer not to ask the teacher, because they fear the teacher. This is what happened to me.
When I was in elementary school, I had a teacher which I fear most. He often making fun of me in front of the class. He also often gives me physical punishment and often insulting me with rude words. He often do that because he thinks that i do not have enough ability to understand his lesson. All of his treatment to me, made me feel fear of him. He made me feel that I was such a stupid person at that time. He made me shame in front of all of my classmates. That is why I prefer not to ask questions when I did not understand his lesson or explanation, because I am fear that would only made him angry and giving me more punishment. That’s why I cannot do well at his class, because just looking over him would make me fear and lost my mind.
Reflecting from Maslow’s theory and recalling upon what I have experienced in my elementary school, I become understand how pupils’ needs of feeling safety and their self-esteem affect their motivation to learn, which somehow influence their chance to show their full potential as human being.
In this week, I also learn about self-determination, which also talk about human’s needs. From this week MMSEL class, I become understand that humanistic view of motivation concern on how the fulfillment of someone needs influence his/her motivation. From reading the handout and doing role-play presentation I become understand about the self-determination theory which assume humans’ three kinds of needs, they are the need of feeling competence, the need for autonomy and the need of relatedness.
From those three kinds of needs, what I understand most is the need of relatedness. The needs of relatedness, in my words mean the need to be accepted by the people around us. They can be our family, friends or in educational case is people in school environment like teacher and classmates. For me, who studied far away from my family and my hometown friends, people around me now are whole SSE family. If Omrod (2008) states in his book that the need of relatedness is “the desire to establish close emotional bonds and attachments with others”(Omrod,2008,p.378), I just says my need of relatedness is having my classmates, colleagues, and my lecturer supports and help me to learn new knowledge and develop my intellectuality in this campus.

From what I have learn in this second week, I reflect to myself that if I want to motivate my pupils to learn best in my classroom, the important thing that I have to do is providing them with a safety, supportive and warm learning environment like what I have in here, SSE.

Fredy maulana