Second meeting, just enjoyable as usual. Well, in this week we learned about theory of Needs, began with Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs, and some kind of Needs theory that are:  need for Self-Determination, need for competence, need for autonomy, need for relatedness and  need to preserve self-worth, then did role play which is to test and make deep understanding about the kind of needs that related with our life.

Well, Maslow described human needs in two groups that are deficiency needs that consist of survival, safety, belongings and self-esteem, and also growth needs that consist of self-actualization. Maslow state that the deficiency needs should met before move to growth needs. Then, we found out and discuss that there are some people with disabilities or special needs can reach their full potential, such as there were a man that didn’t have feet and hand but still can paint, using their mouth. So, Maslow’s statements are not always true in all condition. Therefore,  we will concern more about growth needs (self-actualization) which is will help us to reach our potential and can be anything like we want rather than deficiency needs . Since growth needs more related to intellectual achievement and aesthetic appreciation that increase sine people have experience with that, then, I have my self-actualization when I was in senior high school, yes, I’m actually such kind of talkative and always find the reason to rebate person. So, I become one of the debater team in my school till I got the chances to join some debate competition and win it, and what I like, I ever become the best speaker of my team. However, it was a past, but that was my self-actualization. Become debater, best speaker and winner…ow…that’s about Maslow’s hierarchy.

Besides learn about Maslow’s hierarchy, we also learned about theory of needs. There are four, as mentioned before.  Well, because I’m just a good student in my school, I think my school life is convince me that I have needs for competence when I’m still at schools. It had a reason of course why I think like that. Since in junior high school till senior high school, I love physics so much. May, in the first, I don’t really like it, but then, I got good teacher of physics since in junior high school. At the beginning I don’t show any full of interest because there were like a collection of formula, well, then my teacher just talk to me and said, “you just a good in mathematics, why don’t you in physics…I think u can be good physician if you try harder”. Well, after that, my feelings is just like usual, but, the difference is I want to read and learn before the lesson is start because I don’t want to be like a foolish in physics, even in my physics teacher, and from there I know that physics is interesting thing, just any real life problem around us that may can be solved mathematically, of course with concept. But, I found it interesting, challenging. Besides that, the condition that made by my teacher also conduct our learning that become meaningful, she like direct practicum rather than just apply formula. Sometimes I felt down because there were some difficulties, but again she support me like usual. Till I was in senior high school, the condition is quite different, the teacher was more strict in mark, just make me felt..huft..again, but, the difference is my junior high school know I’m quite good in physics, that make me think should I gave up for my love?? Then I got the answer is not. Maybe your teacher can do everything, blame our answer or whatever, but, physics is always challenging, therefore I’d rather to do the assignment with my own ways rather than teacher. I liked to try physics problem since I hope can improve my physics problem solving and the main was I don’t want to be shamed in front of my friends because I become silly in physics.  It was my story with physics, some course that I want to be expert in that.

Step to the next activities of this week, we also have the role-play about topics of needs, especially about praise and criticism which both can detract or may increase the motivation based on the appropriateness, need of autonomy in class which teacher could gave the choices for students and can increase intrinsic motivation, self-worth which is self-esteem could influence effort and ability, and also need of relatedness which is need to be accepted by others.

So, by learn all of these needs, we as the teacher later should consider meeting students’ need for increasing the motivation, for example, to help students with need of relatedness, we should treat them as our best friend or some kind like that and so on. Thank you…


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