The second week for Motivation and Management of Students for Effective Learning course is the real reflective with situation among students currently. Why??? Let’s see!!! 😀

Last day, we have learn about the influence of needs on motivation to learn, right? This topic is very reflecting with trends issues in education. In this topic, I learn some sub topic that’s made a role play which is performance in front of class, they are about:

  • The Needs for Relatedness
  • Praise and Criticism
  • Emotional Reactions
  • The need for autonomy
  • The need to preserve Self-Worth

All of them is presented by role play who is presented by students. Ibu Mima asked to students for making a short scenario about each topic for each group, the topic and drama must be sikron. Each scenario must be showed in front of class clearly.

For the needs for relatedness,  I guess, it’s like classical issues, but it will be one of factors which is affacted to other element. Just a simple sample as our reflection, do you still remember when your teacher ask you (students) to make some group? will you choose join in a group that’s your “genk” than make a new group? (just answer with yourself in your heart honesty) , because we cannot avoid about it. Nevertheless, we as a new generation of teacher, we are allowed to do a new way of strategies  that will motivate our students in learning process, such as by feeling of being connected to others in one’s social environment  and feeling worthy of love and respected.

For the second material, it’s about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which is my lecturer teach us. Threre are 5 stage on Maslow’s Hierarchy (is drawed as Pyramid the base is survival stage) (Maslow, A., 1987):

  1. Survival

– > it needs for “Sandang, Pangan, and Papan”

2. Safety

– > It needs freedom from psysical or emotional threat

3. Belonging

– > It needs of love and acceptance from family, friends or peers

4. Self-Esteem

– > It needs of recognition and approval

5. Self-Actualization (the top)

– > It needs for teaching with full potentia

In Maslow’s needs, all of needs will be done squently. It means that the second stage will fulfill if the first stage was fullfilled. However, it’s not always to be done like this. For example, I have a cousin, she is a special needs (mental reterdation), she is deficiency needs are not beinf met who accomplish significant intelectual.BUt, she has passed away a week ago (more or less) 😦