Friends, on second meeting, again, I still excited to learn about motivation. I don’t know how to make myself exciting to learn motivation. After twice meeting learns about motivation, I realized that there is a cause why I still excite to learn motivation. Related to our topic on second meeting, I reflected, the cause why I still excite even I have learned about motivation in previous semester, because I have needs, maybe needs to add my knowledge because I want to make my students later always keep up learning, or maybe needs to fulfill my attendance. Who knows? Just yourself, know and understand your needs exactly. Talk about needs, not all of people realize what they have done or will do is reinforced by needs. Every people have needs. What is the definition of needs, actually? When I knew that the second topic talking about the influence of needs on motivation to learn, in my mind, I just define that needs is something useful for keeping up my learning. During I learned, the earlier conceptions of basic needs: competence (achievement), autonomy and control (power), and relatedness (affiliation). I still remembered when bu Mima started the class by recalling our students’ knowledge in previous meeting. Bu Mima asked to class about applying the theories of motivation in your life. As the example, bu Mima asked to some of my friends about how she or he manages their love relationship and what the theory of motivation they apply to keep their love relationship. The theories of motivation are humanistic, behaviorism, cognitive, socio-cultural. I love the teaching way of bu Mima. For me, it is more effective to teaching because when I got the treatment, more understanding and more enjoy. Back to the reflection, we have already learned one motivation theory that focused on needs – Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Maslow described human needs into two groups. There are Deficiency needs and Growth needs. Deficiency needs described our daily needs. The basic needs of human being are described in here which consists of survival needs, safety needs, belonging needs and self esteem needs. If you are be able to fulfill the deficiency needs, then you are automatically move to up. Growth needs is the top of the Maslow’s hierarchy. Generally, someone who have fulfilled the deficiency needs can reach this part. In this part, you are required to fulfill the intellectual achievement, aesthetic appreciation, and beauty. If you do not fulfill one of them, you will never get satisfied. Sometimes, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is not only started from the bottom, but also it can be started from the other part. It can be happen if we are in new environment system as the example. During learning about Maslow, we also learned about Humanistic theories, the need for self determination, and the need for competence. Bu Mima asked us to read and understood the content of each material. I love this part, because we divided into some groups, created scenario based the materials from the lottery and performed a simple role play in front of the class, then the class tried to guess and determine what materials that we mean from our role play. The materials is about Humanistic theories, the need for self determination, and the need for competence, but each of the materials have the sub topics.There are emotional reactions, autonomy, self-worth, need of relatedness and also praise and criticism. From this part, I learned a lot the materials from each other. This part is more effective than I just read from the books. Lesson learned from this second meeting, discussing sharing practicing is more effective to do teaching and learning. Rubrics performing is also influence someone to show the best perform. If I may conclude that I did role play because of the needs (need to show the best perform to make my friend understand what my group mean and get the nice grades). Needs is influential students’ motivation for learning a lot (for me).