Hello guys, do you know? Learn about motivation in MMSEL class like learning about myself and then I explore and reflect on the experience that I felt. Why? Because the topics covered in this class are intimately associated with the actual state, like what I do in order to achieve a goal – either in learning or other things- and what I feel from what others have done to me. In the second meeting of MMSEL, I learned two important things related to my motivation. The first is “Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs” and the second is about “the influence of needs on motivation to learn.” Before starting a new topic, Miss Mima asked us about the previous topic. It was about theoretical views of motivation. The function of this Recalling is to explore students’ knowledge about the previous lesson and add more explanation about the material that is not clear yet. After recalling, then we learn about new topics. Actually, I’ve learned about Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs since the first semester in Educational Psychology course. But I learned more in this course MMSEL. Ms. Mima ask me and my friends to discuss about Maslow’s Hierarchy with our partners WHO sat far from us and I found Sufi as my discussion partner, and two of my friends, Fredy and Vanny as my additional partner. Previously, I have opinions, that Maslow describes his hierarchy as the steps that must be traversed one by one in sequentially, i.e. Physiological, safety, belongingness& love, self-esteem and self-actualization as the last. After discussion, I realized that my view on Maslow’s hierarchy was wrong. Sometimes, the steps in the Maslow hierarchy not necessarily consecutive, for example: someone WHO lives alone. He does not have family but he has good self-esteem and he can try to reach his full potential. Furthermore, we learned about the influence of needs on motivation to learn. In this session, Ms. Mima divided us into some groups and asked each group to do a roleplay. I did it with Ester, Shopia, and Sabrine. We did a simple roleplay to present about The need for competence, especially on Emotional Reaction. I have a role as a student who got an unpleasant attitude from his teacher. Shopia and Sabrine as my friends and Ester as my teacher. Although it just a simple roleplay but we wanted to present a problem that has a big influence to students’ motivation. As we know from our experience, what the teacher do in class often influence to the student, both in teaching style or attitude problems. Actually, what my group did in the roleplay often happen in real situation. And also what the others group did. Thus, we as teacher candidates have to know how to increase the students’ motivation because the motivation of students is very influential on student achievement and also on student’s learning. Therefore, I hope that I can learn deeply from this course about how to be a good teacher who can improve the students’ motivation in learning. I realize that teacher has a lot of function, one of them is become a motivator for the students.

Daenuri Suhendar