The day topic is about the influence of Needs on Motivation to Learn.

Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs, what is it about?

On this session, honestly I totally forgot about the hierarchy. I just remembered the name of Maslow but did not remember the hierarchy or else. Luckily Ms.Mima gave us some material about it and I read it. Actually I agreed with this hierarchy of needs. Maslow’s divide it into two big parts, first is deficiency needs (the basic and important step to get one’s full potential) and second is the growth needs. The deficiency needs itself consist of four stage hierarchal; survival, safety, belongings, and self-esteem. The survival meaning itself is how we (as a subject) can survive to supplies our primer needs; food, water, house and etc. The safety meaning is how you get your personal threat and you get freedom from physical. The belongings meaning is you get the love and acceptance by your family and peers. The self-esteem meaning is you get your confidence and you are recognized and approved by other people. Those are the basic steps to get and growth your potential. The next high step is growth needs, it consist of self-actualization. Self-actualization means that you are on your way (growing your skills) to reach your potential.

Maslow’s said that those steps should be hierarchal. But for me it does not should be hierarchal. I can proof it with my experience. When I was in High school, there is an art event to go to Europe. Before join that event, we should attend the audition first. The audition is dance, sing, act, and playing music. Surprisingly, I passed the four with best grade and became the lead for the event. I have passed the survival and safety steps. But I failed in the belongings step. Some of my friends who attend the audition felt very-not-satisfied with their result and really jealous with what I got. They became a little group in art group and they tried to make a distance from me and mock behind me. My best friend did not “tega” to see me mocked by them. She warned me and I was not really shocked. I did not want think of it. It was their problem who always jealous and I really think it is me, myself. I don’t care what they said. They become more jealous when I become my art teacher golden kid. Haaahhh they mocked me a lot and I still don’t care. I have much more friend than them and I recognized and approved by my art groups. I get my self-esteem step and going further to get my self-actualization. Without a belonging, its not “menghalangi” me to keep learning and practice to get my goals.

Based on my reflection, to become a successful person, there is always someone or some groups behind me who don’t like to see me become success. Its usual and I don’t care for them. If you believe on your self, you will get what you want. Listen to your heart first, asked the expert and try to reach it!

In the next activity we discuss about the need for self-determination. Ms.Mima asked class to make a role play about how the content could be related in teaching and learning context.

In this session, Ms.Mima separated class into 5 groups. Lega, Ica, Sufi and me are in groups 2. We performed “the need for Autonomy”. Autonomy meaning in term of learning is like teacher give students’ choice to make the motivated to learn. I reflect it again from my history high school teacher. She gave us a choice to do a presentation or poster session to cover the material because we ran out of time. She gave us a week to prepare it. At that time I feel like she was challenging the students. We were motivated because she brings the new method of teaching. We get much more curiosity with the material because we afraid if we cannot answer when we get the question from others. We studied much more hard than before. And the result is amazing!

In the last session of class, we have to guess what other groups present about and discuss together the conclusion of what we learn from that day. What a great class and great explanation from my friends!


Pientha Glenys Amanti