This session was just great like always. Even though I came late, but I could still follow the lesson well. Firstly Bu Mima asked us about what motivation theory that have we experienced, this was a recall of previous topic. I was asked about what motivation that I used to give to my junior in SEMA. No wonder she asked me that way. However, I used to give cognitive theory based motivation to my partners. I told them that we are expected to do the extra miles because we are qualified to be in SSE. We have to be confidence upon our own abilities.

Topic of that day was Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. There are two levels on it, deficiency needs and growth needs. As the discussion went by, I realized something about myself. I realized that I am not a commoner that can be generalized to the theory. I skip the first level and straight ahead to the second level. I do not know is it really problem or not but I just felt odd. In my life, I used to keep focusing on my self-development; self-actualization. I like to do everything that can be used to improve my talent, even to find a new one. Sometimes, I feel like I chose too many options so that I could not focus on one. I am good on many things but expert at none. Maybe I am an outlier in Maslow’s. One thing that made me think even more was Ester’s answer about those who jump to the growth needs level tends to be lack in their deficiency needs fulfillment. It strikes me so hard. On my spare times, when I do not dealing with assignments or activities, I used to think about my choice. I am good at several things but I have no relationship in my life. Well, actually I have written about my concern upon this issue in my personal blog so if you want to know further more just visit it anytime. The point is, from my empirical study, persons that jump to the growth needs level tend to make self-actualization as an escape from their void of deficiency needs. Finally I can find a theory that matches my condition! Even though at the end I knew that this Maslow’s hierarchy is not strict so that people can be on the second level first then come back to the first level and so on. Everybody simply has been in the phase of self-actualization.

Second activity was role play. My group got the topic of the needs to preserve self-worth. Again, it made me think. This theory tells us that human need to protect their sense of self-worth and achieve self-acceptance. The example that we performed in our role play was about a student that study hard to get a perfect score on a test but admitted that he did not study at all to pass the test. He wanted to be acknowledged as a student that does not need study to be smart, he was born with it. People who do this thing also maybe want to prevent a bad luck. If they admitted that they have learned but still get a low score, it would decrease their self-worth. I think I do not have to write about the role play itself because as you know that I always give my best in acting. Hehehe J

At last, our needs really define our motivation. Despite that many people still cannot distinguish wants and needs, we have to be able to manage our needs so that we will be able to control our motivation.