This is the second reflection of mine after I had the second meeting with Bu Mima. In this meeting, she delivered the material about “Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of Needs and Influencing Students’ Perception of Competence”. One thing that I like from Bu Mima’s class is her ability to make the class felt alive by her kidding with us. It effectively turned up my laughter and abated my boredom and my “motivation” to sleep. 🙂

Here I would like to be more focus on elaborating my reflection of Maslow’s theory. Briefly, the important thing that should be remembered from Maslow is his “story” about human needs. He said that human needs formed hierarchy, began from Deficiency Needs to Growth Needs. Inside of Deficiency Needs, there are 1) Survival, 2) Safety, 3) Belongingness and 4) Self Esteem. Then, in the top of human needs is Growth Needs, i.e. self-actualization. By pairs’ discussion, I got additional information about self-actualization. Inside of self-actualization, obviously there are three components, i.e. intellectual, beauty and esthetic. Those are the base to be able to do self-actualization.

The most interesting of the discussion about “Mbah” Maslow’s Theory was when we were triggered by Bu Mima. She triggered about could human achieve the higher level of it’s hierarchy without passed through the lower one? Then, my friends and I thought about that. There were two different opinions exactly. First, human could achieve the higher one without passed through the lower one. This opinion was agreed by most of my friends in the class. They gave example that there is person in the remote area who can do self-actualization. They continued by implying that that person don’t passed through the safety and belongingness levels. That’s the first opinion. Otherwise, the second opinion state that every person can’t pass through the higher level without they get the lower level first. I strongly agree with this second opinion. Actually, I disagree with the first example which says that it doesn’t pass through the safety and belongingness levels. According to me, although that person lives in remote area, it doesn’t mean that he/she lives alone. Of course, there exist other persons who live around him/her who love and help to get higher self-esteem until do self-actualization because human is social creature. They can’t live alone. According to me, the first example is nonsense if our context is real life. The core of my opinion is every person has to fulfill all their deficiency needs first, so that they can do self-actualization. If we think logically, people can’t get safety if their need for survival is not accomplished. Then, they will not get belongingness if their needs for survival and safety are not accomplished. It’s also their need for getting self-esteem. Without the needs of belongingness, it’s unbelievable to get higher self-esteem. Without the needs of self-esteem, they will not be able to do self-actualization. Thus, those are the needs that have to be fulfilled orderly.

The second trigger from Bu Mima was do those needs are stable or not. Here, there just be one opinion, i.e. it’s not stable. Based on my thinking, that’s right because logically, we know that the human life is complex. People have feeling that make their condition of mental and physical body unstable, usually high and also low. It’s the humanity. Therefore, those human needs are very flexible for people. It means that along the people’s life, become impossible to have one rigid process only. If we say that the process is rigid (stable), it’s not life.