Reflection for second weeks on MMSEL class.

On the second session on MMSEL class. We learn about the Maslow’s’ hierarchy of needs, the need for self-determination and the need to preserve self-worth. What i got from Maslow’s Hierarchy, hierarchy of person’s needs. There are 5 needs in Maslow’s Hierarchy; they are survival (Basic Needs), safety, belongings, self-esteem and self-actualization. Maslow state that someone will not reach growth needs (self-actualization) if their deficiency needs (survival: shelter, warmth, food, water – basic needs; safety: freedom from physical or emotional threat; belongings: love and acceptance from family and peers; and self-esteem: recognition and approval) are covered. But, on my  class opinion this state is not completely true, because there also exist somebody who has full of love family then she/he is acknowledge by the environment but she/he are live in very poor family (need struggle to get something to eat). So someone will might reach growth needs without touching completely the deficiency needs.

On the need for self-determination and the need to preserve self-worth topics, our class did some drama. From that drama I learn that attributional statements is similar with praise on praise and criticism, attributional statements tend to the definition that teachers’ response on students’ performance. Praises and criticism topic on Meti’s group, they show that criticism and praises can effect on students’ performance, when Meti’s part as the teacher the group shows that teacher tend to criticism on students mistake rather than guide the students while on Vanny’s part as the teacher the group shows that praises to student and correction through the right way. Emotional reactions, here teacher (playing by Ester) tend to show emotional response on students’ performance. Daen (one of the students) get the wrong answer, but instead of doing correction and give support, teacher tend to give her emotional to shows students mistake. While attributional statements, praises and criticism, and emotional reactions are on one roof called the need for competence.

My drama scene was covering the need for autonomy, which is Pientha roles as the teacher, while I, Sufi and Lega playing roles as students. It was talk about how freedom of choices can effect on students’ motivation to learn. On our drama, teacher did not give opportunities to students to decide kind of task that they might like. Teacher tends to be otoriter. That happen until the mid-semester came. On students’ mid semester result, teacher found that students did not perform best at their mid test. Teacher reflected on this result, then decide to call a student to know the reason. The student (sufi) says that he did not like the pencil and paper test, he like to do some project. According to the interview, teacher tries to involve students to decide what they will do in the final test.

For the need for relatedness, i found that it is how the feeling of being love, accepted, and connected to others influence students’ motivation to learn. The need to preserve self-worth, how students protect their self-worth (do all effort to look be the best). Just like what arum’s group did, there was a student (firzie) try to show that he will always get a good score although he do not study and arum (as one of the student there) also do the same thing she got a bad minimum score because she wrong reading the question. She will get better if she did not wrong reading. Both of the students do self-handicapping, which is one’s strategies to protect one’s self-esteem.

I think that’s all from me, thank you.

Richa Fatimah


For MMSEL class.