In this week 2 we were learning about The Influence of Needs on Motivation to Learn. The Maslow’s hierarchy theory is as a reference or guide. Before we start the class, Ibu Mima as a lecturer recalls about the previous knowledge. She also asks about what is our motivation that we used for example in join a community or in relationship. I realize that the way we motivate to other it’s based on our needs. Actually, we already learnt about Maslow’s hierarchy theory in Educational Psychology course. However, personally I not really remember about that. I just remember some parts of them. This session gives me more knowledge about that theory deeply. It was very interesting.

To understand this theory, Ibu Mima gives us the article about Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs and Humanistic theories. Maslow described humans’ need as existing into two parts. They are deficiency needs and growth needs.  According to Maslow, people won’t move to the growth needs unless our deficiency needs have all been met.

After read the article and discuss, Ibu Mima asked us to do role play. We are divided into some groups and have different topic in each group. At the first, we think that we will present the role play on the next session, but it’s not. The role play has to present in this session. Oh, all of us were shocking. We prepared the scenario of subtopic which is performed. The first performance was my group. It was about The Need to Preserve Self-Worth. It is an emotional reaction to or evaluation of the self. For example, one student said to his friends or parents that “I’m genius, I’m smart, and I didn’t study well. Oh, I’m very genius”.  By emphasizing that he didn’t study well, he was communicating that he has high ability, which enhanced his feeling of self-worth. To increase students’ motivation in learning, teacher has to emphasize learning over performance and emphasize social comparisons. Beside perform, we also have to see other groups’ perform and analyze it.  Then, we have to determine the subtopic which is our friend performed.

Actually, all of performances are reflect to our daily life.  But, for me the most reflect and relates to our current condition is perform from Fredy’s group. It was about Need for Relatedness. We already know that all of us need to feel we belong, need to connect with other in our social environment, need to respect by other, and so on. But, why we only want to learn or play with someone, and don’t want with others. We only want to sit with someone, don’t want with others. We only want in same group with someone, don’t want with others. You should not to sitting in this chair, because I have tagged for my friend. Oh God, I’m shocked. How can as teacher candidates did like that? How about our students if they know about that?

This is not only for you, but also this is for us who like teach, who like educate and who respect to other. I want us to respect and close each other. I want us practice to apply the theory from now. Not only focus for our students in the future. I hope, we are able to do that…:)

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