Apparently, the lesson will full of familiar words. That was what I thought when I open the module, topic 2. It would be talking about Needs. Yups, a big Maslow-hierarchical-needs –triangle is sketched there. Maslow. Although I’ve heard this famous psychologist in my first semester, I realized that I did not know a lot about his theory of needs.

At that time, I only knew his precious hierarchy is rigid and inflexible. Just after somebody pursues his/her first need (which is physiology such as, clothes, food, and shelter), he/she may move on to the next level of needs (safety, belonging, self esteem, and self-actualization). However, although it is logical, now I understand that it may not be that rigid. Sometimes people are lacking in so many things but they are still able to reach their full potential. For example, people who had disability. I experienced there are a lot of special needs people in this world can survive and even succeed in their life. As we know that they may not have enough “physiology needs”. They are able to jump to their own self-actualization and so satisfy about themselves.

Enough about Maslow. It is quite serious because in class, we were having pair discussion and reading lots of materials. But now, it was different. There were still so many readings though, but, we were asked to have a role play! The topic was about another theory of needs: The needs for self-determination and the needs to preserve self-worth.

There were five groups paling roles. When one of the groups was performing, the rest of the class were asked to guess what topic that the performance about. The topics are the need to preserve self-worth, attributional statement, praise and criticism, emotional reaction, autonomy, and relatedness.

The role plays were really helpful. Although it was a bit hard to guess what performance belongs to what topic, it was quite interesting to see my friends prepared it and tried to make me remember the topic better (since it mostly will be short-term memory if it is only lecturing, right?).

I think I will not forget those performances easily. That’s why I think I can preserve my memory on this topic of needs longer. Besides, my friends had already fulfill my need of relatedness, so, it will be disappointing if I forget those “wonderful” performance easily.:P

Namirah F