This week I was very enthusiasm in class. Why?? Because, I found my Educational Psychology’s Handout about Motivation. When I read the handout at home, I guess I will learn about the Maslow at campus. So, I bring that handout to class. I have preparation for this topic. hahaha.. 🙂

There are 3 theories of needs:

  1. Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs
  2. The need for self determination
  3. The need to preserve self-worth.

Mashloy’s Hierarchy is:

deficiency needs:

  • survival : Shelter, warmth, food and water.
  • Safety : freedom from physical or emotional threat.
  • Belonging : love and acceptance from family and peers.
  • Self esteem : recognition and approval.

Growth Need:

  • Then, Self- actualization.

The lack of this theory it might not be a hierarchy. According to Maslow, people can’t move to the growth needs unless our deficiency needs (survival, safety, belonging, and self esteem) have all been meet.

How about the need for  self- Determination? according to R. Ryan & Deci, 2000, Self- Determination is the need to act on control one’s environment. And according to Self Determination Theory, having choice and making decisions are intrinsically motivating, and people aren’t content if all their needs are satisfied without opportunities for decision making. This theory assumes that there are 3 innate psychology needs that people have. There are: Competences, Autonomy, and Relatedness. Foe example : Cognitive –> sometime people want to show how smart they are. It shows that the people has need in competence.

And then, The Need to Preserve Self-Worth. According to Schunk Self Worth or self-esteem is an emotional reaction to or evaluation of the self. Self Worth theorist suggest that people have an initiate need to protect their self worth.Can one of you explain about this one??

From this meeting I like the role play. Actually, I like Firzie’s group. He was very total being an ‘smart’ students. I also ever do like Firzie and Arum did in role play. it happen when I was in Junior High School.Hahahaa.. 🙂

For the future, I want to be sensitive teacher. Means, sensitive to my students Needs on Motivation to learn. 😀