In this week, I got more theory about theory of motivation they are : Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs , The need for self determination, and The need to preserve self-worth. Before we learned about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs Ms. Mima remind us about last topic that we have learned last week. Then, Ms. Mima asked us a question, based on my friend’s answer, I think people need support from others, and the reward or a gift can motivate our self to reach our dreams, and her promise with her friend can motivate them.Then, she asked us to discuss in pair about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Actually this theory divided into deficiency needs and growth needs (self actualization). Before we get growth needs, people must fulfill their deficiency needs like survival, safety, belonging and self esteems, because they can reinforce or support each other. In my opinion, deficiency needs it’s very important to get self actualization, because if one of them can’t fulfill, people will miss something in their life. For example, if people feel safe in their homes with their family and already have a new job, but he feel rejected or ignored by the others. This can place people in a psychological crisis because he/she can’t be an obstacle to reach his/her goal. So, according to Maslow, an individual is ready to act upon the growth needs if the deficiency needs are met.

After I learned about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, I learned about the needs for self determination theory and self worth theory. Mrs. Mima asked us to read some articles about that theory. From those articles, the need for self determination theory assumes that people have three innate psylogical needs: competence, autonomy, and relatedness’ (Levesque et al., 2004; R.Ryan & Deci, 200). After that, Mrs.Mima divided us into some groups to play a role play based on the theory above. I think role play in class also happened in real life. Based on the role play, I think the needs for relatedness is the need to be connected and accepted by others or someone wants his self can be admitted by the others. The need to preserve self worth is someone needs to protect his sense of self worth, or the people wants to look like a smart person or the best person from the others. Praise and criticism almost the same with attributional statement, that is the people a need for praise or positive feedback that can motivated them, and also requires a criticism which can build up their progress. The needs for autonomy it’s like the people will be experience autonomy satisfaction when they depend on others and even when they follow others’ requests.

As a candidate teacher we must know how to motivate our students, how to increase they self esteem when they get a bad score, and to know how to motivate our self. I hope next week I will get more experiences. 🙂 thanks Ms..

Anugrah Meti Suryani (2009110021)