This week, we discussed two main topic: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Several Types of Needs.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow said that there are five basic kinds of needs that formed a hierarchy in all human being (Ormrod, 2008):

  1. Physiological: Needs related to physical survival (food, water, oxygen, etc).
  2. Safety: The need to feel safe and secure in one’s environment.
  3. Love and belonging: the need to have affectionate relationships with others and to be accepted as part of a group.
  4. Esteem: the need to feel good about one self (self-esteem) and also to believe that others perceive one favorably (esteem from others).
  5. Self-actualization: the need to reach one’s full potential.

It is classified in form of hierarchy means we need to fulfill our basic needs in order to achieve the highest need which is self-actualization.

As teachers, we should understand our students condition. We should provide each of them the best experience in learning so that they can reach their full potential. That is their self-actualization need. When some students face difficulties in filling their self-actualization needs, the problems might be not in the teaching and learning, but something outside the classroom. We need to examine their needs bellow that. There is one case taken from true story:

A few years ago, there was a bright student whose came from poor family. Fortunately, he was granted for a full scholarship to continue his study in prestigious public university which far away from his hometown. The scholarship granted to him also cover his monthly living cost. However, after studied for a few semester this student had to stop his study and the scholarship granted to him. This because his single mother passed away and there’s nobody wiling to help him to raise his younger brother and sister during his study. Therefore he decided to sacrifice his chance to study and the bright future that await for him, just to raise his younger brother and sister. He have to come back to his hometown and work to earn money for his family.

From the case above that we presented, we can see that although this bright student is just one step ahead to reach his self actualization, he had to move back from his current stage to the lower stage in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. We can see that, this student already had his living cost been covered and he also had other people cover his tuition fee. It can be said that he had his live been ‘guaranteed’. However, because he need to take care for his younger brother and sister, he have to sacrifice himself for the good of his family. Despite the fact this student has a good motivation to study, still he can not continue his study because the fulfillment of his needs of family,love and belongings is not fulfilled yet. He may take an options to work as a part time worker during his study to earn money for his family, but since his family live in the hometown which is far away from his current city, nobody can ensure the safeness of his brother and sister, while the option taking them to live together in the same city where he studying would make the living cost for three of them increased.

From the case, our group conclude that when you wanted something, you have to try as best as you can BUT do not forget your needs. Reaching all your goals is really good, but you can’t be egoist to reach it. You need to look your surrounding and keep your needs and your goals balanced.


Group 2: Fredy – Pientha – Eritha – Synta


Ormrod, J. E. (2008). Educational psychology. (6 ed.). New Jersey: Pearson.