Reflection 2 (26 September 2011)

We all have needs. Some people need to be acknowledged, some need to be loved or belong to a group. As a teacher, we work with students who have diverse needs. By understanding their needs, we are able to fulfill them.

This week, MMSEL class discuss about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, self-determination theory and self-worth theory. They all discuss about needs. I asked students to do role play for a reason…., so they were able to reflect on their previous experiences, as a student or as a college student. People (Read=student/s) might act not accordance to the ‘normal’ standard, maybe because the needs have not been fulfilled. Maybe i have shared this story to my previous class. When i remembered this story, i can feel how the person feel was. Especially when the teacher did not notice for what happened in the class. This story influences me a lot to have more concern on left off students, the bullied, and the bully.

I was a new student in the school. On the first day, I stand in front of the class, introducing my name. The teacher sat me next to a beautiful girl who has very long name, Valentina Narvatika ……(the rest i forgot hahaha). As soon as i sat in, she whispered in my ear. Here, we don’t play with Rina(not her real name) , pointing a girl, who was sat at the back row of the class. I did not know why I can play with her. But when break time arrived i knew. Rina cannot walk like we are. Maybe it is because of polio virus. As I remembered none of us speak to her, even me. For two years before i moved to Bogor, i never speak to her; i never once invite her to my birthday party. Day goes by and so year. I have this flashback when i entered one private institution as a teacher. I realized what I did was wrong. Moreover I felt disappointed to my teacher who did not notice it”

We all want to feel like we belong or connected to others in our environment. As a teacher, i’m trying my best to involve ALL students in every activity; praise them for their efforts even small ones; or try to remember all the names (try hard not to mix their names with other studentsJ). We just need to care.

I will not make the same mistakes, remind me if i am.

Mima (MMSEL lecturer)