Reflection 1 (19 September 2011)

When i was assigned to teach Motivation and Managing Students for Effective Learning, it is not because i’m the most motivated person in SSE for sureJ. However i’ll try my best to “move’ you during the course, and even it means hard work. I always have ‘scenario’ playing in my mind before i teach. It just likes watching a movie of ‘me’ teaching in the classroom. I see ‘me’ questioning about something and watch for the students to respond. Until i find the perfect scenario, then i started to write my lesson plan. MMSEL course is one of the course that force me to do deep ‘contemplation’. It is because 2009 cohort has got the materials mostly in Educational Psychology. So i need to make the prior learning more powerfull in this semester.

I opened the first meeting by asking “why do come to SSE or campus everday” and “why do you want to be a teacher?”. The reason i asked the questions it is because i want the students to examine their own motives. I believe whatever the answers are, they are the reasons that ‘move’ you to do something or to be someone.I am not trying to judge anyone when i asked “do you have other preferences profession beside teaching” in order to see your intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. It is important to understand our motives, whether intrinsic or extrinsic . WHY? simply to understand  ourself. Especially to know when we need to ‘recharge’ our motivation.

Most activities in the first meeting requires us to reflect on our previous learning experinces. Believe me you were not the only one who required to do reflection. When i asked questions in the classroom, i also questioning my motives. Why you come to be a teacher, Mima? is it because the profession worth of pay or is it because it becomes the part of your life that you enjoy so much. I have the answer on that.

Do what you want to do is freedom,

Love what you do is happiness

Mima (MMSEL lecturer)