The only one who can control what should do, what the next step should reach, is our self, right? What motivates us for most? Yes, it can be from external and internal, but the main actor is what the actors say and do. Our consideration to do something can be influenced by what we need. For example, someone do praying, because he needs to feel peacefully, relax or he needs to talk with God directly with praying. That’s also happen in learning anyway. Students learn math because they need to stay a live, be competitive with others and can think logically and systematically. Those are the topics that we discuss in the second meeting of MMSEL’s class.

What I learn much, is I can reflect to my experience in senior high school. I already knew that dominantly I have humanistic view in motivation. When I thought that I need and I feel comfortable to do something, it will increase my internal motivation and I love to do it more. I will take focus and do something better, search for the inspiration to support the external motivation. As what I read on the book, humanistic assumption is that human choices, creativity, and self actualization are important areas study (Weiner, 1985 b). After the class end, I also have a question. Do I still be motivated without any need priority?

I do can reflect to what my friends did. He hides the fact that he has studied as hard before the test begin. When his friends asked a question, he just answered that he can’t solve that because he did not study at night. But the fact, when the test start, he can answer the test well. Oh, how poor he is. He just did not want his friend has a higher mark than him self. Life is all about competing each other, no tolerance for him. I do reflect that, it might happen in my class. It is possible I have a student like him, so share and prepare such kind of his problem s so important.  As what the theory says, that the need the self worth, my friends do it because it is the way to protect their self worth, making excuses, anxiety, or making a point of not trying. Should we do that? What about you, friends??? Would you still need to preserve self worth, competence, relatedness or grouping effect? J

Sometimes to make our self be motivated, try to do what you love, what you need most, then make a priority so that you can feel what can motivate you more. Then start thinking about your students would be in the future, and find the step to solve it. Learning by processing, guys J

I also learnt much from you, from class situation, grouping distribution, need to be accepted, need to be exist and even need to be loved.. thanks

Shopia Mulyani

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