Alhamdulillah, this is the first time I got a class which is related most to the daily life. It is about motivation and management of students for effective learning or we call as MMSEL. The first meeting of MMSEL class was so interesting. Shocking that the material we discuss at the first time is motivation that come from teacher candidates self, what’s motivate me most to become a teacher as a chosen career. Firstly, I thought that MMSEL’s class is about theory of what, how and why motivation influence students to learn, and how to manage it to become more effective. Actually, Mrs Mima showed me wrong about my opinion. She tried to open the story that had been closed for a long time ago. The story of, why does someone want to be a teacher? Yes, I do remember it anyway… Before I clarify what does the meaning of shocking on my title posting, first I would like to share the brief activity at the class. The first activity is lecturing. Lecturing session is about the definition of motivation and its variety: extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. The second activity is listing students’ motivation in choosing teacher as his/her primary job in the future and also commenting student’s personal thought about teaching. This session also remind me to my chemistry teacher in senior high school, Mrs Nenden. She always gives a strong support for her student to learn. Every day she improves her skill even she try to teach her students in English. That’s very good effort I think. I am very glad that she has finished her magister at ITB, and she got scholarship. That’s motivates me more to become a better teacher, she is my inspiration. Back to the activity.. the last activity was group discussion. My group consists of four, Daen, Vanny, Ulfah and I is in the third group. We discuss about the theories of motivation which are behaviourist, sociocultural, cognitive and humanistic. Then, our group discussion result was written on the flip chart as usual. After that, Mrs Mima gave an explanation about those theories. Actually my group has a wrong answer in motivation in view of humanistic sides. We thought that humanistic is closely related to humans feeling and social life. But, the true about motivation in humanistic view is more individual, when someone wants to grow naturally. The best part in class is when Mrs Mima asked us one by one to tell the motivation for choosing teacher as her/ his career future before and after being SSE students. We go to the in front of class and make a line based on our answer. We were asked about what is the most motivation that ensures us to become a teacher. My answer is I balanced it, with note that I keep in my intrinsic motivation as a basic support, then external motivation is just want to enhance my motivation so I can do better and be my best as an educator. Alhamdulillah, after studying in SSE, most of teacher candidates agree that teacher is the best job to make the world better. The things that make me so shocked at this session are my friends’ answer. Actually, most of my friend did not realize that teacher is their future career before they become SSE students. The most shocking answer is Meti’s answer. I did not believe that Meti want to become a member of DPR. Wow, cool I think. Now she is with us, with the same goal to create better future with education. Now, I realize that every person has different motivation, business and opinion about what teacher is. But, we have a same idea and same goals. Thanks God, we are in a same line. Thanks God, for motivate us to become an educator. I proud to be in this line.  Shopia Mulyani 2009110011