Motivation and Management of Students for Effective Learning (MMSEL) is one of subject that I take in fifth semester. Firstly, I hear word of “Motivation” is very familiar, because in the first semester I have take material about motivation in the Psychology Education subject. However, in MMSEL subject, motivation is learned deeper. Especially, is about Extrinsic Motivation and Intrinsic Motivation, where they come from, and how to manage them to be balance.

When I learnt about the motivation in this course, I felt more understood. Because my lecture (Ms. Mima 🙂 ) did active learning in the classroom. We reflected our reason to be a teacher, and stay here (in Sampoerna School of Education campus). Students (me) are asked to tell what the motivations to be a teacher. Whether is come from our self, its mean that we call it intrinsic motivation or is come from outside and we call it extrinsic motivation. Actually, In the Elementary and Junior High School I want to be doctor, secretary, and others. I not think that I will be a teacher. However, In Senior High School I can get more motivations from out side. Then, I think to be a teacher is a good profession.

So, when Ms. Mima asked me what the motivation to be teacher, I am not too confused to determine my motivation to be a teacher, because I really know what my motivations to be a teacher. My motivations are because someone said that a teacher is the most appropriate job for the woman. I still care with my family, because the time work of teacher is not too much. I can teach my students and also my children. If my students holiday, we also can holiday but the salary still can get. Besides that, my motivation to be a teacher, because my father who has passed away is a mathematics teacher is elementary school. So, I want to follow my dad because I also love mathematics.

After that, Ms. Mima asked us to determine the motivations to be a teacher come from our self (intrinsic) or come from outside (extrinsic) before we entered in Sampoerna School of Education, I admit that my motivations to be a teacher came from outside or it is extrinsic motivations, i.e. from suggestion the someone and also from my father. However, after I enter in Sampoerna School of Education so many motivation come from outside to motivate me to be a teacher. For example, the lecturers give us motivations when in the classroom, watch video OPRAH, and watch film about amazing teacher, watch “Laskar Pelangi” film and so on. It can build me the motivation from my self and can ensure me to survive in SSE. I think that to be a teacher is a wonderful profession. Now, I want to be a teacher because I want to teach and care with other. Especially, I want to care with Indonesia children, to teach them and close with them, because I has do teaching when School Visit in campus program, also I am a private teacher and have students. There are the satisfactions when they understood my explanation. It is very making me happy and proud of my self. So, we can conclude that the extrinsic motivation can affect to intrinsic motivation. Both of them can be affected each others.

After we know our motivations come from our self or out side, we also have to know how to balance them in order to keep our motivation. Based on my reflection, that to keep my intrinsic motivation, I also have to find and keep my extrinsic motivation. So, when my intrinsic motivation is decrease, I try to find the extrinsic motivation, for example watching film and video about amazing teacher.

Finally, I really sure that this course also can keep my intrinsic motivation. Thank you Ms. Mima 🙂