Talking about motivation, hhmm.. I think it looks like so interesting. I feel like there is a positive energy comes into my mind when we talk about motivation. I don’t know, may be because of that word has a positive meaning or because of the others? Hhmm….
I think all of us are already familiar with word “motivation”, but in MMSEL course we will learn deeply about it.
Last Monday was the first meeting of this course, we started to learn from Theoretical View of Motivation, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Mrs. Mima asked us to recall our memories about theories of motivation, and wrote it in the flipchart. It was a bit hard for me actually, because I just still remembered a little of it. Fortunately, we did it in group so we could share each other.
After that, Mrs. Mima explained us about definition of motivation, motivation to learn, theoretical views of motivation, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Mrs. Mima also gave us an article to be analyzed intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.
A part that most I like in this first meeting of MMSEL course was when we are asked by Mrs. Mima “what motivation that makes us want to be a teacher? Whether intrinsic, extrinsic or both?
To answer this question for my self, suddenly I remembered when I was junior high school when my dream to become a teacher appeared. At that time I was inspired by my Mathematics teacher, I admired her because of her cleverness and her skill in taught us such that we love learn mathematic. It means that my motivation comes from outside my self or we call it as an extrinsic motivation. I kept that extrinsic motivation until I was senior high school.
When I was senior high school one of my teachers ever told us about her experience when she taught in one of remote areas in my region. Until that time she still taught part time in that remote area. I still remember that she ever said that “how pity they are! They also have the same right with us, they have to get a good education for make them better and come forward. However, there are still bit teachers who want to teach them. Therefore I still teach them until now, even the location is so far from here and I have to prepare good stamina. Because if not us, then who else?”
I was really impressed by her statements. Since that time I realized I really want to be good teacher to repair the education in Indonesia, because there are so many children in Indonesia who need good teacher to teach them. I really want to be a good teacher from deep in my heart 😉 it means that my motivation has come from inside my self or we call it as an intrinsic motivation.
My reflection from what I had experienced, I can conclude that intrinsic motivation could be created by extrinsic motivation. What I have written above is an example of it. First, I just have motivation to a teacher from outside when I junior high school and I kept it until senior high school. There is a teacher who inspires me and makes me realize about ‘a good teacher for a good education’ and then I feel that I have motivation from inside my self.
What we have learned in last Monday made me realize one thing; that all type of motivation are good. Whether it intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is the best actually (in my opinion), but extrinsic is good also. Because by extrinsic we can create the intrinsic motivation.