As long as I life, motivation and I will never be apart. Learning Motivation is interesting subject to learn deeper in the first meeting of lecturing on daylight in SSE. Motivation is one part of elements in my life to reach the goal, because motivation is typically defined as the forces that account for the arousal, selection, direction, and continuation of behavior (Biehler & Snowman, 1997). As a learner motivation will make students easier to get their own passion in learning process and to get the lesson, as academically. For me, motivation is an encouragement that comes from heart self or out of side to reach someone’s goal.

Talking about motivation, I remember my past dream before here, in SSE. Activity that is done in the classroom reminds me about that. In the first meeting, our lovely lecturer divided us into several groups based on our own dreams in the last time or before get in SSE. About me: In the past time, I want to be a part of medicine staff even I’m being a doctor, midwife, or nurse. Why do I choose that dream job? The causes are because of my mother has hypertension and my old sister has Diabetes Miletus type 1, hence my family need more struggles towards this case, especially my father who as a leader in my family there. I don’t want if my family must be intricacy towards it, then I have to do something that will be reduce the burden to us.

However, even my dream doesn’t come true yet, I still can do another thing that can help my family, which is education’s development, in term in another bunch, e.g. teacher or lecturer. Hence, it makes me to find my learning passion be more increase and deeper. 🙂

Obliviously, my experience or my dream relate with first topic  on Motivation and Management’s course. Where, motivation involves the processes that energize, direct, and sustain behavior to reach the goal. Motivation to learn is affected by many factors, it depends on personal’s matter, but we can still classify it into types of motivation that are intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation comes from individual which is involve individual itself for own sake, whereas extrinsic motivation comes from external factors which is affected to individual in getting what individual hopes. Both of them must be balance each other, because when intrinsic motivation factor is lower than extrinsic motivation, it can be changed the first thing of our goal. The matter is, how to make of intrinsic and extrinsic to be balanced? It’s like simple, but it doesn’t simple as we think too, but we have to think simpleJ. To control being balanced it’s from yourself, when you think your goal deviate of your first goal because external factor, then you have to think what your goal first is.

Another think that I have learnt at first meeting of motivation and management of students for effective learning’s course is about theoretical views of motivation. There are four theoretical views of motivation, they are:

  1. Behavioral views motivation, its focus on student’s changes that is influenced by environment around, reinforcement (rewards or punishment) is closely related.
  2. Cognitive views motivation, its focus on student’s competence, self-concept and competence of students will increase their motivation
  3. The humanistic views motivation, it’s focus on people attempt to fulfill their needs and potential. It’s related to Abraham Maslow hierarchy of needs.
  4. Sociocultural views motivation, its focus on necessary for linkages that involves help-each other, establishing, maintaining, and personal relationships.

The topic on first meeting is very interesting, and hopefully next session will be more interest.  🙂


Siti Fatimah Azzahra

Mathematics 2009110019