Well, this is the first time I meet with Ibu Mima, in the class of course. She teaches MMSEL (Motivation and Management of Students for Effective Learning) course. When I heard that course, I have question in my mind. Who are students? I’m as a one of students or students in the future? Students in the future mean my students, because of as you know that I’m a candidate of teacher. If the student is me, I imagine that this course will be like Mario Teguh program. Ibu Mima as Mario Teguh. Then, I’m as an audience who will receive much motivation from her, as a lecturer. If the course as I imagine, I feel funny and I want to laugh. In the same time I think that it is different and not as I imagine. However, this is lecture.

I got the answer after I attended in the class. Actually, in this course we will learn about theories of motivation; how learners’ needs, belief and goals influences motivation to learn; how to increase motivation to learn; how to make classroom effectively; and so on. From that, you can see that we learn about how to increase our motivation and prepare for how to motivate our students. Oh, it’s must be nice.

In this first session, the topic is about theoretical views of motivation. As you know that there are two types of motivation. They are Extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. To remind us about that, Ibu Mima asked us to respond the questions or statements on the slide. We have to decide that statement or question is a part of extrinsic or intrinsic motivation. In this part, we have learnt that intrinsic and extrinsic motivation strengths each other. When our intrinsic motivation is down, we need extrinsic view to motivate ourselves. Then, we are invited to ask ourselves about our motivation to take education major in campus, becoming a teacher of course. Actually, there are so many friends who have extrinsic motivation to be a teacher. One of reason (extrinsic motivation) is my friend’s parent asks her to take education major then be a teacher. Then, so many motives becoming a teacher from my classmates. Besides, we are also invited to tell about motives for choosing another profession. In this session, so many surprise from my classmates. There is who want becoming a member of legislative, a businessman, a doctor, and so on. The class was very interesting.

Still about theoretical of motivation session, we are divided into some group and one group consists of four to five members. Every group has to write everything about theories of motivation. They are behaviorist, sociocultural, cognitive, humanistic, and sociocognitive. Actually, in the first semester, we already learn about that. However, we were shock that we are forgetting. Only some part we remember about that. Then, we write it. Fortunately, Ibu Mima gives some clues to help us by using slide which is contains of characteristics of that theories.  We are learn much from that theories, as reminder to our first semester. One more, I’m very interesting when read the Kathy’s article. Its sounds not only motivate students, but also motivate the teacher itself.

In the end of this session, we are very happy. We like receive some spirit to learn much, spirit to be a teacher who will grow up the knowledge, spirit to believe that our goal will be reach.

Imas Ulfah Alawiyah