In the first class of MMELS, we learnt much about motivation. We learnt about what is motivation, how is motivation, when does motivation come, where can we get motivation, who can give motivation, and so on.
Here, I wouldn’t explain all of them one by one because maybe all of my friends already completed it in their reflections.
Actually, until this morning, I did not have any topic yet for my first reflection. After I through this day, I have many things to share but I realize that the time is not enough to tell all the stories that I got today.
I am gonna tell a little story about how can motivation increase my self-esteem.
Today, I had my first experience as a SPG (you know it well, right?), SPG of a milk production.
In the beginning, at about 10.30 am, I and my friend, Melly, started my job with offering brochures to anyone who walked in front of the milks’ counter. I felt full of spirit with smile in my face while I said “susu sapi murni, boleh dicoba dulu”.
An hour has passed… still there was no one who came to buy the milk. Actually, I felt like almost giving up. My spirit seemed to disappear along the passage of people in front of the counter. Β But then I tried to bring up my spirit again. I said to myself, “Come on Ester, you can do it! You are great in persuading people. Come on.. Come on.. You can do it.. You can do it!!!”. I repeated that sentences again and again when I almost gave up. Suddenly, the spirit came again.

I think, that is one of real examples that I can give for “intrinsic motivation“. Motivation that appear from yourself, your heart…
After two hours I and Melly offering the milks and yogurts, there was a customer who came. She bought a cup of milk from us. After I got the money, although just 3500 rupiahs, I felt very happy and satisfied because we managed to get someone to come and buy the milk which I and Melly sell. My spirit increased suddenly. Shortly afterwards, another customer came and bought three cups of milk. We got money again, a ten-thousand rupiahs.

It made me like get a big boost to do more and more. My spirit also continues to increase, until finally we could sell 22 cups of milk and yoghurt.Β  That is an example of “extrinsic motivation“, when you get motivation from outside yourself πŸ™‚
I remember when I was a child, especially when I was in Elementary School. I tried to always be the best in my class so that I could make my mother proud of me and then I could get a gift. It is also an example of extrinsic motivation. Besides, I always feel satisfied when I got the first rank and it made me do the same thing every semester, to always get the best. The satisfied feeling which came from my heart that can burn my spirit is another example of intrinsic motivation.
From that story, now I become more trusting myself. I know what I want to do, and I know that I can do anything if I really want. I also realize that everything can be happened just if you trust in yourself, do your best and in the end, God will give the result that appropriate with your effort.
Remember, if you don’t trust yourself, then how can people trust in you?

Ester Anitasari – 2009110009