Keep on fire!

Keep on spirit!

Just Do the Best!

Be positive thinking!

Be optimistic!


like a magic word for me because every day every time I always motivate myself by saying it in my heart, then I have new positive energy to keep going on my life. Every people need motivation (not only me) and each of us has many methods to motivate ourselves. If I may reflect, I think, not only me using method like I did to motivate myself J

Actually, what is motivation? Before I learned motivation formally in class, I just define motivation is making me full of positive energy, enthusiasm, interested, and optimistic to take actions and make plan for future. How about you? 🙂

On the first semester, we learned about motivation and its theories, right? However, I did not understand deeply L I really feel regret and asking to myself “what I have learned?” if I remember it now 😦

On this semester, I learn it again, I did not have passion when I knew this semester will learn about motivation. Unpredictable, on the first meeting we did in MMCL course, I was feeling enjoyable and getting empowerment into myself to learn motivation more. I can see, when I paid attention and tried to participate during teaching and learning process, and I were able to recall my understanding even just the core of some theories of motivation, also I understood the materials and be able to follow the activities during teaching and learning process.

On the first meeting, actually we just recalled our prior knowledge about the theories of motivation and all about the motivation materials. We recalled that motivation s influenced by two factors; intrinsic and extrinsic. If I may explain, intrinsic means motivation come from the inside (from your heart). You will choose or decide something based on your personal choice. The extrinsic means motivation come from the outside, maybe from your environment or also are influenced by someone of there are punishment and rewards then you choose something to obtain something else. I love this chapter when we discussed in class, because after this chapter I have question to myself “why you are in here, Sabrine? Why do you want to come to class? Why do you want to be a teacher? Why? Why? Why? It made me headache, but after that I realize why I have question like that and I knew the answer from my questions J The lesson learnt from that chapter is I have to be great full what I got and always do reflection when myself in bad condition.

Learning motivation is not always learning by doing (for me). We still need theories for balancing our emotional and understanding how to manage ourselves when we need motivation from ourselves and/ or the extern. Just for reminder that motivation from extern is not always giving good effect, extrinsic motivation is able to decrease intrinsic motivation even it works slowly. As a student, I need motivation to learn. As a teacher candidate, I also need motivation to motivate myself learning to be the best teacher which makes inspiration to my student later and understand how to motivate my students when they are in bad condition. As a learner, I need motivation to keep learning and know how to manage myself to learn effectively.

On first meeting, we have learned the theories of motivation. There are four theories which are Behavioral explains about the behavior which are influenced by rewards and punishment in their environment, Humanistic explains about the people tends to do something or treat someone as human being, Cognitive explain about the students’ ability to competence students’ knowledge, and Socio cultural explains about  the socialization and relationship with other people. All of the theories are the previous materials on the first semester, but I still remember that. I am happy I got my passion again to learn motivation’s theory even I know it comes from the extrinsic. Thanks all.

Lesson learnt from this first meeting, I learn that whatever the subject if we do in good condition and feel enjoyable to learn it, we will understand deeply, then the materials which we understood, will be long time memory.


Now, apply the theories for keeping our motivation to learning 🙂