Actually, I’m one of the lucky people to get this course (MMSEL) in Monday. After have funs with math course (actually it’ll be a little pain may be later, hehe…) I met a fun, joy, and interesting class. This is the first time I’ve been teaching by Mrs. Mima, and as my friend said, that it so nice. I enjoyed it and I like it. Especially when that day we learn about motivation…(something not new, but… hehe, might be it force me to remember again, little hard..but not really. The material of that day could help me as an individual and as a teacher later to improve my potential and my students’ potential. However, for the first meeting, we already have assignment, e-reflection, should I did it if it’s not a part of the assessment? May be yes, may be no…but, just do it! However, it’s hard to start write this reflection, like do by an half oh my heart..then other side of me said, hey…hurry up, do your best! due date..due date in next few moments…hehe, then I just can do this…(my extrinsic motivation help me..but then, it also bigger then my intrinsic motivation to do this..hohoho).

Well, Motivation, what come first in my mind? What is intrinsic and what is extrinsic motivation? What the relation of it with the teacher?

Each individual need motivation for doing something and maximize the potentials. Intrinsic motivation is a motivation that comes from each individual, otherwise, extrinsic motivation is motivation that affected by external factors. As a teacher later, we should know more about this to help students in motivating their self, and as the knowledge where we can know which of motivation that our students need to increase in order to make it balance.

I think that was true that extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation should be balanced in learning; however it is also true that extrinsic motivation will scrape of our intrinsic motivation. Meanwhile, each person needs intrinsic motivation as self-directed learning, to make goal setting and target for their own.

When I’m still in secondary school, ok, I go to school because I really want to learn, then another mind comes to my mind. I want to make my mom proud, my teacher know me more than other students, my teacher give me a gift when I got the best grade, and also I learn because of the grade. Yes, for the first it’s really work, good achievement in school both academic and non-academic, win competition and others. Then, I think I already got it, why should I study again? Moreover, my math teacher always compares the students; she always thinks that boy students are smarter in math than girls, never changed. It affected my motivation. I lost my spirit and my motivation to learn since that time, I just let all of my school life flow like water, not even studied. It’s affected my achievement in school and I don’t know why this comes to me.

Then I realize now, both of motivation is like an investment. It takes risk for the investment with biggest part, but sometimes also it will very useful and give advantages more then we know. I invest almost my motivation with my extrinsic motivation, and when my extrinsic motivation is bankrupts because I couldn’t get it anymore from other person, my motivation also bankrupts such a person without any spirit. I don’t have anything to do because I have lost. I become dependent on another. Then I think that intrinsic motivation is more important for mature learners because it will be strong not easily affected by other people. Do what we want to do from our deepest heart will make us do the best. However, it’ll be different with other students. Then, it was an experience too, when become a teacher I should be careful in gives them extrinsic motivation, adjust with what they need.

Besides those two kinds of motivations, there are 4 theoretical perspectives in motivation. Behavioral perspective, it does emphasize in reward as the motivation builder. Cognitive and social cognitive perspective emphasizes students’ motivation affected by students’ thoughts. Sociocultural perspective emphasizes needs to socialize which influence the motivation to learn. Humanistic perspective which is frees each person to express their potential. From the fourth of the perspective we could choose or combine to motivate our students. If we want to let the students improve their intrinsic motivation, may we could use humanistic or cognitive perspective, however, it’s teachers’ policy to choose which one that suitable for students.

That’s all. See you in the next post.

Keep learning! 🙂