Do you know, writing this reflection remind me about the struggles that occurred in my mind before entering the MMSEL class. One of the questions that arose in my mind when the struggles that occurred was; “what will I learn in this class?” then, my mind responded with thousands of answers, “maybe I’ll learn about giving motivation to the student so that he can learn well and effectively” or “maybe I’ll learn how to be a powerful motivator” or “maybe I would be much listen to the words of motivation from my lecturer “or” maybe I’ll do a lot Role-play relating to motivation, such as drama counseling “and many more possibilities that I thought to answer my own question.

I just knew about the real answer when my teacher (Ms. Mima) asked about the meaning of motivation and she also explained how the motivation that arises. She also explained the various theories concerning the motivation itself.

The first, it’s about the understanding of motivation. Everyone has their own ideas to interpret the word “motivation”. I think the motivation is everything that can encourage us to take action in order to achieve a goal. Motivation itself can be a boost, stimulus, or hope.
The second, it’s about the origin of motivation. Motivation is divided into two; they are internal motivation and external motivation. Internal motivation is motivation that arises from us (ourselves), whether it can be the ideas, desires or ambitions. The external motivation is motivation that arises from the outside, for example arises from parents, teachers, girlfriend, friends or others. Ms. Mima asked the students about the motivations that encourage them to get their ideas. Certainly, some of students answered that external motivation more influence (to their ideas) than internal motivation and the others answered that internal motivation more influence (to their ideas) than external motivation. There are also students who answered that both internal and external motivation influence to their ideas. This question is like remainder for me. Although I study in education university (Sampoerna School of Education), becoming a teacher is not my dream. I chose to study there because my parents always support me to be a teacher and I know that I still can reach my dream when I become a teacher

The third, it’s about theories views concerning the motivation. There were four theories that explained by Ms. Mima. They are behavioral perspective, humanistic perspective, cognitive and social cognitive perspective and social perspective. In behavioral perspective, the teacher use reward and punishment as the stimulus to encourage the students for getting the goal. Cognitive perspective focus on student’s competence and self-concept of students that can increase their motivation. Humanistic view focus on people’s attempts to fulfill their needs, Sociocultural view focus on necessary for linkages that involves help-each other, establishing, maintaining, and personal relationships. In sociocultural also, we know that everyone need someone else to motivate themselves.

I believe that motivation is one of important elements for everyone to reach their goal because everyone will not do anything when they do not have motivation. Motivation also is the important one for all students, and then we as teacher candidates have to know how to increase our students’ motivation to reach their goal. I am very glad because I can learn about motivation and its theories from this course because it’s very useful for me when I become a teacher.

I also believe that everyone have different motivation. We have to realize that sometimes It can go up and also it can go down, so let’s keep our motivation and motivate each other to reach our goal because we are family.

Daenuri Suhendar