First time I joined mmsel class and first time Mrs.Mima taught me. it made me happy. Teaching and learning process became so fun. Why I said this, because the activities didn’t make me bored, also Mrs.Mima is friendly and funny,,,. Mrs Mima as our lecturer remind me about my motivation, she gave us question “why are you coming to campus every day?  What’s your dream? Why do you learn in here to become a teacher? These questions remind me about my motivation to coming in here. My motivation is my mother. She  always motivated me and makes me want to be the best teacher. She told me that she has a request which is one of her daughter to be a teacher like her dream. Because of that i want to make her happy although her dream cannot be reached by her, but she can see her dream in my self.  That’s why I said that Mrs Mima like be reminder to me to remind my motivation, actually before joining in this class I didn’t think about that. Hhee..

At the beginning, I remember when the lecture asks to us what motivation is and then give the definition about motivation itself. I think based on my opinion motivation itself is something that’s making someone to do something. I know that motivation more than that after I know the definition of motivation from Mrs.mima is explained and show us the definition on power point “motivation is a process whereby goal directed activities is instigated and sustained. It involves the processes energize direct and sustain behaviour”. She also explained that motivation comes from two factors that are intrinsic and extrinsic. Extrinsic motivation is coming from outside and intrinsic motivation is coming from ourselves.

I said in the first paragraph that mmsel class it was so fun, because I enjoyed with the activities especially when the lecture divided us based on our dream and after that asks to us  what motivated you to become a teacher if it is intrinsic , extrinsic factors or both of them? So there is 3 groups based on our motivation comes. Many students answer it and I think that all of students have many reasons and good motivation who can make they dream to be true.

I remember when Mrs. Mima distributed an article about chaty’s class and distinguish where is intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation, actually I got confusing when distinguish both of them  because sometimes I still confused to translate English into Indonesia so i did  not understand with some sentences in that article. Hhee.

In the last, mrs.mima divided us into some groups, one groups consist of 3 or 4 person,. In this group mrs mima asked to us to remind us about Educational psychology that we have learned in the first semester such as behaviorist, cognitive, sociocultural, and humanistic theory of learning. Actually i forgot about them although i tried to remember it. i like to do discussion with groups because if i dont know something maybe other friends know about that, so it makes more easy to find the definition.  After we do discussion mrs.mima explained the definition , based on her  explanation i knew that behaviourist theories explains students can motivated if there is a reward or  punishment so that makes students want do the best. Cognitive theories explains something likes coming from own self, believe that he can do the best because he have capability to do it. sociocultural theories explains communities can be influence someone and can makes someone more comfortable  in their community.  Humanisctic theories explains someone do something to someone as human being.

That’s my reflection in this week, i hope next week i can learn many more.

Thanks Mrs. Mima i’m sorry if there is a mistake or wrong definition. 🙂