It was my first time to join the Motivation class with Ms.Mima. I was curious with this subject because I remember that I have learned motivation in the first semester but only two sessions in educational psychology. Should we learn it deeply? And finally I figure it out from Ms.Mima explanation. The MMSEL class will be much related with our future students condition. There are also many issues about motivation and classroom management that can be our topic for thesis.

Motivation is not only a word but its like flowing in our lives without us knowing. When you want something, there will be some kind of feeling from your heart, which pushed you to get what you want. That is one of motivation, namely intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation is your desire, eagerness, and anxiety from your heart, usually from your conscience. You want to do it because you want and need it. There is also an extrinsic motivation, which is come from the environment and outside your heart. When you want something, you have to be pushed with other people (mom, dad, or boy/girl-friend hehe ☺) or environment to give you support to do and get it. But sometimes, extrinsic motivation can scrape your intrinsic motivation because you are influenced by others opinion about what you want. And also you will be accustomed to need the extrinsic rather that intrinsic motivation. Based on class discussion we have to make them both balance.

From the types of motivation, we moved to the theoretical views of motivation. I totally forget what expert says about cognitive, behaviorist, humanistic, and socio-cultural views of motivation ☹. Ms.Mima told us to explain those theories based on our memory but I tried to be not panic, being cool and go to my groups’ hehe ☺. Suddenly when I open the module, I found the answer of our question guidance. I read it and I understand it a little. And hopefully I remember a little part of what expert says about those views. I remember the expert like Bandura, Vygotsky, Piaget, and etc.

I did much reflection based on the theories for this time, but I related my experience with the 2 theories that describe me as well.

From the Behaviorist theories, I have an experience on it. The rewards that communicate increasing competence also increase intrinsic motivation. I just realized to know what motivation motivates me to become a teacher. There are both motivations in my mind and it works balance. The extrinsic one is from my family because they told me that teacher is a good profession for a girl, good for my career and they believe that I will be a different teacher. The intrinsic one is from my deep conscience because I like to teach and giving my knowledge to the other people. The reward like support and my family-believe is truly push me to become a teacher and it also increase my passion to be a teacher.

The Cognitive and Social Cognitive Theories, which examine expectations and beliefs in an attempt to understand the way the world, works really happen to my live. I want dancing and I love dance. To dance in front of people and being a good dancer is really my passion. It really comes from my heart. I feel like I believe I can be a good dancer. The supports, critics, and suggestions from other people can be my reflection but it can not prevent me to love dancing.

For the last, there are notes for my self; I need to do much reflection, keeping my dreams and always motivates my self to reach my dreams.

Pientha Glenys Amanti