On the first session in Motivation and Management of Students for Effective Learning class, I was interested in one of the question that asked by Ms Mima “why do you want to be a teacher?” (motives for becoming a teacher). Firstly (for me), its cause by extrinsic motivation until becomes intrinsic motivation. When I was in senior high school grade X I had a dream to be a police woman (although I know it’s impossible since I am not that tall). Until one day I was labeling by one of my teacher as a stupid and useless person. It came since I got sick that requires me to take a rest for 3 months year (no exercises, running or doing kind of sport activity). When I tell him about this he said that “do you think I am that stupid so you can lie to me!”. He never believes of what I said that time. I even gave doctor recommendation letter then my mathematics teacher assured him that it was true. Even my parents did come to school to explain what had happen to me. Well, when I was hospitalized no one knows what happen to me. So that they call my doctor and confirm what my parents said. Finally he gave me task to fulfill my contribution to the class, every week I have to submit sport journal minimal 10 papers. I did what he asked to me.

Although I did the sport journal task, he still did not want to talk to me. One day my friend invited me to join and asked me to throw the basketball into the ring suddenly my teacher told him “what are you doing. Just ignore her. She can do nothing”. I was shock of what I heard but I tried to keep calm. Until one day and I do not know why, my math teacher came to me and advise me “Richa, no matter what people say to you, you have to convince that you are a great person with a great destiny, show them that you are better than them, make them who do not know you realize that they are wrong. But you should do care about them, do not leave them, show them the right way”. After that I start to have passion in teaching. I want to become a teacher like him. But he warned me that being a teacher is not that easy. Teachers have a big responsibility on their shoulder. They are a modeling for their students. Every word and action that comes from teacher can change the whole students’ world. Only with one word teacher can make students become bum. Smart students become stupid students, bright students become lazy students and many more. You have to keep help them to reach their dream.

Listen what he has said to me, I was become more interested in teaching. Deep inside my heart I want to keep up with students and support them. Become their teacher as well as become their friends. Even until now my teacher do not want to accept me, I will always go ahead so there will be no someone like who being ignore only because they

From what I learn from MMSEL class, I understand that my dream to become a teacher comes from extrinsic motivation (action to make others realize that I am can be someone better than them) and ending with intrinsic motivation, a will to help my students later to face their future together.

(Dengan kesalahan sekecil apapun, seorang guru dapat merubah cita-cita seluruh muridnya. Dengan dukungan sekecil apapun, seorang guru dapat merubah murid menjadi pemuda yang penuh harapan)

I think that’s all from me.