September 19th 2011, it was my first time to get Motivation and Management of Students for Effective Learning (MMSEL) Course. Before attending the session, I thought this course would be fun and full of ways to build motivation for me as a teacher’s candidate and also for my future students. Actually, that was true. I found an enjoyable class. The first topic was about theoritical views of motivation. In the first session, I had gotten much knowledges.

First, I recalled my memory about what motivation is. Sometimes I did not have a deep understanding about what motivation is. For me, motivation is everything (feeling or something) that can burn my positif energy to do some activities or reach my target. Every day I need motivation to pass my day powerfull. Let’s think if we do not have motivation in our life. What will happen in our days? Our days will be flat and we just do our daily activity without passion. What a bored day! because of that in the begining I said that motivation is needed everyday to make a powerfull day.

Second, I remembered that there were two kinds of motivation, these were intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation came from ourselves, we created and built our own motivation without other factors. Extrinsic motivation came from out of our selves, such as from our friends, families, and the others. Then, I reflected to my self when my lecturer asked us “which one the bigger motivation in yourself to become a teacher rightnow?”. Actually, I had the bigger extrinsic motivation than intrinsic motivation. Honestly, I never thought that I would be a teacher. I had the others choice. But, I did not know why I could be here, in a campuss that created a new generation of teacher, teacher! Then I realized that it was my own way and I should pass it well. Although my extrinsic motivation was bigger than instrinsic motivation, but at least I had instrinsic motivation so that I could encourage my self when the extrinsic motivation was getting down.

That was an interesting experience that could be my reflection as a teacher’s candidate. I had to build my instrinsic motivation so that I could survive when another motivation was getting down.

The other thing that I got when I learnt in this session was about theritical views of motivation, consist of behaviourist views, cognitive and social cognitive views, sociocultural views, and humanistics views. Miss. Mima decided the class into six groups and my group consist of Zaen, Sabrine, Yenni, and I. Miss. Mima asked us to recall what the meaning of theoritical views of motivation. And we surprised ! why ? because we almost forgot what the meaning of these views. We (especially my self) felt like lose of memory, hehe. Then, we tried to recall what the meaning of these views by connecting to our real life, we used our logic to define what the meaning of these views. Finally we got the result. But in this reflection, I tried to define behaviourist views was like a motivation that based on the routine activity in a spesific community, such as I came on time to the class because my friends always gave me a compliment. Cognitive was about our mind. If we thought positive, so it could be a positive motivation to reach our target. Sociocultural views was about the community’s treatment for us, but the treatment was not only in short time, treatement had to be in long time so we could call it as a community’s culture. Humanistics views was about us as the human being that had an emotion. We had to be able to control our emotion, because it could affect our ‘journey’ to reach our target in our life.

From my explanation above, I can conclude that MMSEL course is so important for me as a teacher candidate. Why? Because in the future, I will have many students that have different motivation in learning (especially in learning mathematics). When my students’ motivation are getting down, I have to know how the way to burn their motivation. So, they can enjoy and interest in learning mathematics.


Arum Febriani