This week, from the class, I learned about type of motivation. The definition of motivation is to give reason, incentive, enthusiasm, or interest that causes a specific action or certain behavior (Wendy Pan, 2011). From this meeting, I remember that there are 2 factors of motivation. First intrinsic. Intrinsic comes from ourselves. It involve for its own sake. Then extrinsic, it comes from outside ourselves. For example before I come to SSE, I wanna be radio announcer. but, when I got the scholarship, I try to be a teacher. The extrinsic motivation is chance to get an education from scholarship. After I spend my day by day by learning here (to become a teacher) I realize that I have a willingness to teach. Especially, when I did my first school observation I see that being a teacher is a wise decision. You will have so many “children”. And for me it look so interesting, and full of joy everyday. You transfer knowledge, and give the investation to your children.


I also like the activities. From the activities, I know what the dream job of my friends. 🙂 That’s very interesting to know those. And very surprising. I hope, one day, we can make our dreams come true ya, Friends… 😀

I also remember about the theories about motivation. I have learned that theories in semester 1, but I lost those memories. 🙂 I hope I never lost that memories again. hehehe.. 🙂



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