“Why do I choose to become a teacher?”

“Am I should join X class today although I am so tired and lazy?”

I am sure all of you often questioning similar questions to yourself, :).

In life, we are not always happy, cheerful and have a good mood to do some daily activities. In my opinion, as a student it is very normal for us to feel lazy to go to college. It is our right to finish the homework or not. We can choose what will we do because we have some options, but why most of us decided to go to college although we have opportunity to go somewhere because we have something in our heart that support us. We can feel it and it influenced us to do something right in life. We called it as a motivation.

I reflected this point from what I have learned in my first meeting of Motivation and Management of Students for Effective Learning’s class. My lecturer taught us that every one maybe has different motivation to reach a same goal or to do same activities. All of us want to be a good teacher but perhaps we have a different background or reason why we love to be a teacher, why we are never giving up to reach this goal.

Shanks (2008) wrote that motivation is the act or process of providing a motive that causes a person to take some actions. This definition showed us how our life really related to motivation. However, every one have different source of motivation. The sources can appear from other things but also can appear from our self. These sources are extrinsic and intrinsic motivation.

I am very interesting with this course, because this course realized me that it is very important for me to maintenance my motivation. In this first meeting, I also realized that I must keep my motivation to become a teacher. I like the activities when we divided into some groups and decide what is our motivation to be a teacher.

I hope next week will be more interesting and inspiring 🙂