Motivation and Management Students for Effective Learning is one of my mandatory courses for the 5th semester. In glance, I thought this course would talk about how teachers motivate students to achieve learning needs. But after attending the first session of this class, I thought my assumption is totally wrong. This first session of this course examined the deepest side of motivation. It is more about the background the motivation comes.

This course is very interesting for me because I am so close with motivation. For example, when my feeling goes down about something, then I am trying to motivate myself. So, I am sure everyone needs motivation. Beside that, the way lecturer conducted this session by sharing motivation among the class made me think differently about motivation itself. Before, I just thought motivation is the source of energy, spirit, positive thing and so on. But after listening to my friends’ motivation and lecturers comment, I thought that motivation is more about passion to something, which should come from our heart. Recently, we called it as intrinsic motivation.

Dominantly, I always have been motivated by the people and environment around me. I would be so positive when I got some advices or wise words. The motivation that comes from outer of our self is called extrinsic motivation. A moment, I realized that I should have both of the motivation, intrinsic and extrinsic. If we only have one motivation, when it goes down, it will make us weak. If you have both motivation, then intrinsic will back up your spirit when the extrinsic goes down and otherwise.

Theoretical framework also emphasize on intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Lecturer told me that there is no right or wrong motivation. She said that motivation comes from everywhere. So, I thoughts when you only have one kind of motivation, it is ok as long as you can live your live with that motivation.

This first session, lecturer conducted so many activities. We were so active in classroom while telling our motivation, dream job and how to balancing the motivations. We discussed about the theory of learning (again) but focus on the motivation itself from those theories.

We will find many of students who have different motivation with its unique. According to the theory, we have known that there are 4 big groups of learning theory: behavioral, socio-cultural, humanistic, and cognitive & socio cognitive. We will see the students from the side of each theory to help them achieve their learning needs.

Behavioral examined about reward and punishment that influence students’ motivation in learning. Students need this kind of stimulus to achieve their goals. For instance, students who need a gift from their parents to get a good score in school.

Socio-cultural stated that motivation is come out when students actively participate on their community. It will increase their intrinsic motivation for caring to others. For example, when students see so many children do not go to school around their house, they will be motivated to help the children by teaching them or ask others’ help for them.

Humanistic is also give its opinion about students’ motivation. Humanistic focuses on students’ expectation in their life. The expectation will motivate them to work hard and achieve their destiny. For example, student want to be a doctor as his dream job, then he will be so motivated to learn hard to achieve his goal.

Cognitive and Social Cognitive is totally about intrinsic motivation. Students will dig what they really like, what chance they can get and many others. It is about their own belief to be something or to do anything. For instance, one child has started singing since she was in 8 years old. She really knows that she has a good voice. So, she has a passion to become a singer.

Teacher will need those all theory above to help their students. We can see from the earlier in which theory our students belong to. Therefore, we can take a smart way to help our students in learning by their own motivation. 🙂

Vanny Septia Efendi