Repair, Not Destroy (week 12)

As we know, It’s already a month since we had micro teaching in mmsel class. This week, we learnt much about class management.

How was it?

I will tell you later about the topics.

Now, I want to share about rule and regulation in a school. Is it really should be exist like it’s written in the paper?

Two weeks ago, I heard something happen in my vocational high school. A girl student was been drop out from the school because of a social network. This girl took her photo when she was hanging out with her friends. She took photo while she was bringing a cigarette. She said that it was a joke when she was interviewed by reporter.

There is a rule in my school that said students should not consume a cigarette and it is a must. Everyone that crosses this rule will be deported from the school although he or she is a teacher. And I heard that she was deported from the school already.

First, I think that this girl is really miserable because she knows that her parents already work hard to pay her school fee. But back again, I think that it was not only her fault. I think deeper, maybe her environment, maybe her … bla bla bla bla bla … we should consider many things when we should decide which one the one who are responsible with this.

And back again I think, what is the use of SCHOOL? What is the goal of the school? Is it really just for keeping a good name of school?

The purpose of the school is to educate, isn’t it? I just think that maybe yes, when this student was deported from the school, she would be wary. Then how if she would be stressed because of could not accept the way people seeing her?

From this, I want to reflect that to solve any problem which against the rule and regulation, we don’t need to dispose the one who did it, the thing that we should concern much is how we make that one realize what she or he done is wrong.

It is good hearing someone said that “look at that school. They can change the misbehaved children become so nice. It is awesome.” isn’t it?

Quote for today,

“Repair, Not Destroy”


Ester Anitasari – 2009110009


Last Reflection

This is the last reflection of MMSEL class. In the end of the lesson is Zahra’s group who taught in MMSEL class. Her group is managed well in the activities, and then I like the last activity t make games to answer the questions. The game is way smoothly; also it can motivate us as a student. Her group talked about Dealing with Students: Violence and Aggression. This content is very important for teacher candidates, because this lesson learned how to deal with students’ problem behavior. It is happened in the real situation, many problem behaviors that have to face by the teacher. So, as candidate teacher this lesson is very useful as our preparation to face our students in the future. There are 3 dealing with students’ problem behavior. There are Management strategies, dealing with Aggression and Classroom and School-Based Program. It can apply in the school to make our students more discipline and obedient.
MMSEL class is very useful for us as a teacher candidate. There are many materials that can be applied in our school in the future. For example, how to manage well the classroom, how to motivate our students, how to dealing with student’s problem, etc. So, it can be our strength to be a teacher.

“The number of books her students read improves significantly after a teacher implements a reading incentive program; however, after dropping the program, she notices that few students read during their free time”

Based on the case above, I agree with the reading incentive program. It is because can motivate students to read. It is can be extrinsic motivation to students, because the motivation comes from the existence the program. With that program, students can be motivated by other students who read, reward from teacher who read book more, also reinforcement for students who not read, etc. So, it is can make students are motivated to read. Extrinsic motivation, more and more can increase students intrinsic motivation to learn. With the program that is extrinsic motivation, for the long time will produce students’ intrinsic motivation. It is proven with the number of book her students read improves significantly after a teacher implements a reading incentive program based on case above.

Last :( :)

The case:

When a “chatty” student fails to keep quiet, despite numerous interventions, a new junior secondary school language arts teacher threatens to have the student removed from another teacher’s class.

This is what we called as student’s misbehavior. Based on what I learn in the last meeting of MMSEL’s class, the way the teacher threats the students is not an appropriate way. Removed the students from the class will not make (s)he becomes good. Give students understanding without harm them is better. Threatening students like this, will not make them respect to the teacher. It will be more difficult for teacher to deliver the message if students do not have respect anymore. Understanding to the students here means, deliver the students the effect of doing this or that, then giving an example of good modeling in school is also an effective way to treat the misbehavior students.

The first beginning of class should have good approach to the students. Giving the rule for an effective during learning process is good to build them how to be responsible and take consequences for everything they did. It will build also student’s moral development.

Once if the case happened, teacher also should know the rational background that makes students act like this. Giving treatment to students without knowing the reason, it might have mistreated. Mistreated will lead the problem to another problem, so just be careful to treat someone. Different case, different reason, will have different treatment also.

My reflection as a whole from MMSEL’s Class

I do really happy to share and to learn about motivation that really close to my life. The way we share also should have a strong rational, either from theory or even from others successful person’s experiences. The activity during learning also never bored. But, I reflect that most of the lesson used jigsaw technique. I will miss the way we share our experience, somehow was really shocking, somehow also bored. Bored because the sharing sometimes conduct dominantly by one students. But Ms Mima always tries so that other students have a chance to share. 😀

I just give suggestion to the weekly reflection on blog. The same routine activity did during one semester will effect to the students tiring point, if there is no interaction on that. So, I suggest to bring the content of reflection to the class. Giving feedback was also an effective way to make students to be more motivated to the reflection, isn’t it? 😀

This is the last, I hope not the least with you guys 🙂

Shopia Mulyani_2009110011

Effective Classroom: However, Whenever, Wherever (Week 13)

Effective classroom…

This week, we discuss about effective classroom, from the beginning of the lesson until the last minutes of the meeting.

How teachers open the class, how teachers prepare the material, how teachers show their appearance, how teachers arrange the seats, how teachers manage the class, how teachers manage the time, how teachers involve students to the learning process, how teachers make activities that appropriate to the material, how teachers and students make a rule and regulation, and so on.

It is not the simple thing that can we do suddenly. It needs lots of practice to make an effective classroom.

What is the purpose of making effective classroom?

Of course to make the teaching and learning process is going well, “well” in so many aspects.

When the effective classroom as already built, then students can understand the material easily, in appropriate and effective way.

Imagine when teachers want to make group discussion as the activity in the class, and then the space of the classroom is full of tables and seats which were like the traditional arrangement and the amount of students are big enough. Is the group discussion going to be well and effective?

The answer can be yes or no. it depends on how the teacher solve that problem. There are so many aspects that can make an effective classroom, right? 🙂

Again, imagine when the space of the classroom is big enough, with little amount of students there, the teacher make seats arrangement becomes a circle or plots, is it going to be easy to have group discussion activity in this situation?

Come back again, the answer can be yes or no. why? The condition is already good enough, but if the teacher could not be good in time or class management, it will be useless.

What I want to say is, we could not just say “oh, this is an effective classroom” or “this is not” only from one point of view. We should consider so many aspects as we can, so that the teaching and learning process are going to be well.

Just think, can effective classroom be done in the school which doesn’t have lots of resources, books, or technology?

You know the answer, right 😀

Yes, of course it can be…


Quotes for today,

“Wherever we are, however the class is, whenever it takes, an effective classroom can be done there as long as teachers and students commit to make it effective”


Ester Anitasari – 2009110009


what a creative teacher.. (I am Happy Teacher)

today our class have guest lecturer. she is a elementary teacher from SD Kembang. She has the colorfull presentation with tittle I am Happy teacher. She tells us about her experiences in their teaching.From her, I know that she has a very managed class. it shown when she tell us about how they make a rule in class to manage the class and how hard she prepare the material for the students, because the school does not have the exact text book for the students from the publisher. So, all the teacher have to make their own textbook.

The most interesting thing that she shared in this session is when she told us about the making rule and regulation in the first meeting or in the beginning of the class. It is for make the students know about their can or can not and make the class organized well. She also make the regulation and put in at the class with the colorful poster. She also told us to make the rule with effective way. dont use so many “Don’t..” in our regulation. It make me think to make the rule and regulation in my class. because, when the first time i came to the class and teach the 1st grade I think it is impossible to make the agreement with them. they do not know about what is regulation. that is too abstract for them. But after heard about her explanation i think it is possible and we have to intriduce them to the new things; Rule and Regulation.

She also told us how to handle the students with disability. The most important thing is we have to explore about their uniqueness. about their ability. I will try to implement what she said in my class. I hope it can work to my students.


Eritha Sitohang


Last Session Without Me :(

Case 2: The chatty student

When a “chatty” student fails to keep quiet, despite numerous interventions, a new junior secondary school language arts teacher threatens to have the student removed from another teacher’s class.

In this case 2, actually the student is in the wrong position. That chatty student can disturb learning process inside the class, but I totally disagree with the way teacher solves the problem.

To face this condition, teacher should make an agreement together with the students in the first meeting so that students can make it as their guide to do activity in the class. Besides that, teacher also asks students about the consequence if they do some mistakes. It can make teacher easy to give the punishment or consequence for students.

Well, the other important aspect is about the reason why “chatty student” acts like that. Junior secondary student is not a child anymore, so we can ask him/her about his/her reason. Then we can overcome the problem by analyzing the reason.

Then about teachers threaten, I think this is not appropriate for that mistake. Teacher should think, can that punishment make him/her aware on that mistake? Sometimes, we do not need to punish students like that. I think that if we punish them like that, it will make them repeat their mistake, maybe they do not like to learn or lazy to follow learning activity in the class, it will make them so happy. Besides that, it will lose the meaning of learning and the main function of school. Teacher should think the other punishment and always keep the main core of learning.


Comment about MMSEL:

I am so sad because I cannot attend the last MMSEL class in this semester. I am sure that the last session is very enjoyable. For me, whole MMSEL sessions are very interesting and useful. I can get much knowledge how to manage the classroom, face many students who have different characteristics, motivate my students, and even motivate myself. Then I can find my soul as truly teacher candidate. I know that becoming a teacher is not easy, we need more struggle to pass this life journey, but I think that if we use and put our heart, it becomes nice and interesting. I personally sure that teacher is my best profession, I like teach, I like stand in front of my students, and I like to be their friend in sharing knowledge 🙂

Keep on fire!!!

Keep learning

Keep on our way as a teacher candidate!

Cheers 😀

Arum Febriani (2009110029)

Make The Last Become The Best (week 15)

Make The Last Become The Best


This week is the last week we get MMSEL class (T,T)\. Anggi, Firzie, Septi, Yeni and Zahra are the facilitator for this meeting.

Now, I don’t want to share about the topic. My friends might already share a lot about it. I want to share about “the facilitator”. Get ready to read my writing, Anggi’s group 😀

We already learnt much about class structure, teacher characteristic, well managed-classroom, effective classroom, developing interest in learning activities, etc. we already learn much in every meeting, guys 🙂 do you realize that from the first week until the last week since our friends become the facilitator, each group shows the better and better strategy every week?

Believe it or not, every group already implemented the topic that we learnt in the previous week. Maybe you just think, “what activities that we will use, ya?” but unwittingly, u think about appropriate activities that should you use in your group turn. It is like already automatically happen like we breathe without we think.

I see that the last group is like a mirror that already sees and reflects another groups’ performance. This last group is the improvement of another group behind. This was already including the topics that we learnt before. It’s very impressive J.

This shows us that much you learn, much you be better.


Reflection for the whole meeting in MMSEL class,

From the whole meeting in this class, I learn much about motivation. It is not easy but it is also not difficult. Not easy because we dealing with people (our students) that have different condition of everything. Not difficult because actually every teacher can learn and try so many activities available to make appropriate lesson plan. We just need to understand deeper and deeper. The more we understand, the more we know what we should do then. Teacher is not the one who teaches in the class. Teacher is the one who can take a lesson and learn from students then make better and better another lesson plan for the next and next meeting. Learn long life is a thing that teacher should do.

This course really increases my motivation to be an educator. I cannot motivate my students if I cannot motivate myself. That’s a very basic thing 🙂


Ester Anitasari – 2009110009

Understand: Not Only Know (week 11)

Understand: Not Only Know


The big topic of this meeting is “Instructional Variables: Developing Interest in Learning Activities”. I take a little part of it that I am interested in. It’s about Personalization: Links to Students’ Lives.

We all know that so many students don’t like mathematics. They are afraid with mathematics. Moreover, there are some students who have a phobia in mathematics. It’s very sad. I think, most of them (who dislike mathematics) get inappropriate introduction about mathematics.

It is not good when we (as teacher) start teaching mathematics with formulas, ask students to remember this formula, that formula, calculate this and this. It will make someone crazy and confused at that time.

To teach mathematics, it is good to relate the topics with the real problem or event in our real life. For example, geometry’s topic, teacher can say “look around us. Can somebody find a thing that has a shape similar to rectangle?” etc. it is more fun and involve the students to the activity in real life situation.

Activity example above is good for students who have kinesthetic learning style. They need to move and touch things by themselves. For students who have visual learning style, they can see directly the things that teacher says.

We all know that every student has her/his own learning style. We cannot generalize that all of them like to sit in the chair and listen to the teachers’ explanation.  That’s why it is very important to understand (not only know) our students’ personalities. If we already understand them, whether about their learning style, their families’ background, their social economic status, etc., we can decide what activities that can we use to teach each topic.

Of course we should make activities which can gather all of our students, not only for her and him, but also for them.


Quote for today,

know is not always understand, but understand is must be know J “


Ester Anitasari – 2009110009

Case Study & Final Reflection

When a “chatty” student fails to keep quiet, despite numerous interventions, a new junior secondary school language arts teacher threatens to have the student removed from another teacher’s class.

In this case, it is about how a new teacher tries to manage a student with a misbehavior (chatty). I cannot agree with the way this problem handled. It is not necessary to go this far for an intervention regarding this misbehavior.

Threatening students is not a best way to make the problem stops. This kind of punishment will only raise students’ anxiety toward teacher (if happen) and for sure we cannot expect students to respect the teacher by threatening them.

There must be a reason why this student act this way. As teacher, we should find out the reason and give intervention according to the reason behind the act. The numerous interventions that been tried may not work because it is not effective. The main focus is not about how to keep this student quite but why this student always talks. Teacher should find out this first before giving intervention. Personal approach to this particular student can be helpful.

Setting class rules and regulation in the beginning is very important. It needs to be done together with students, means that they need to understand and agree on the rules and regulation with the consequences. It’s like having a prevention of any misbehavior in the class. So, when later there is a “chatty” student, s/he knows what the consequence. For the consequence, it has to be something appropriate. In this case, I think it is not wise to have the student removed from class (even another class). it will impact this student badly since s/he looses her chance to study in class. If it is possible, avoid this kind of punishment.


Final Reflection

Our MMSEL class is coming to an end. Somehow, I feel relaxed and also sad. I really enjoy learning in this class, it’s very fun but of course meaningful. There are many inspiring and great lessons I learn during the whole session. I learn a lot from Bu Mima, my classmate, we also have guest lecturer, and also I learn from my reflection. All the topics about motivating students and creating well managed classroom are very useful for me as teacher candidate to learn how to conduct effective learning. I also reflect on my own experience being a learner. This is a great chance for me to understand myself as a learner and in the same time I also learn how to be a good teacher who motivates her students and has a well managed classroom.


Never stop learning!
Never say goodbye~
and for our final test tomorrow, wish us a GOOD LUCK!
Thank you~

The Last for the First

Last meeting for MMSEL course and I’m happy, because this last session is time for my group to guide this lesson. My group consist of Anggi, Firzie, Septi, and I. The topic is about Dealing with Students: Violence and Aggression. Before the class is began, my group prepared the material and discuss the way to deliver of topics, which is using Jigsaw, TGT, games, etc.

Firstly, the class was began by JIGSAW. Means there is expert group and heterogeneity (topic) group. What the lesson that I got from this lesson, I’m very glad because what the topic that we learn in the class before, we can practice in my own classroom. Then, it will helpful for us when we would apply the theory (topics) that we got in our college to apply in the classroom future. 🙂

Although this session for the last, we build all of the MMSEL course as batu loncatan” for teaching provision  in the future, isn’t it? 🙂


When a “chatty” students fails to keep quiet, despite numerous interventions, a new junior high secondary school language arts teacher threatens to have the students removed from another teacher’s class.

Regarding for this case, what teacher did will give positive effects, even for students or teacher itself. Why I said will give positive effect, in this term positive effects means that in that situation teacher need to decide destination when there is a chatty students, and s(h)e choose to remove the students. Therefore the class will come back to normal situation.

Nevertheless, based on my opinion, the teacher need to consider about the cases’ background, is the problem caused by students? or indeed teacher itself? It seems like a reflection. Then, the teacher can assume this problem as minor intervention firstly, and then teacher do investigate again to know the cause of problem deeper, in order when s(h)e decide a destination, there is no regret.

Then, the step of that should take out for this case are: use non-verbal. It’s very necessary to make rules and procedure in the class and input this problem to the rules and for the consequences who are ignore this rules is based on student’s agreement, Therefore, when there is a chatty students, there will be right punishment or consequence which is agreed by all class member.

Reflection for the Whole MMSEL’s course

The course is about motivation –> how to motivate students in learning process. So do I, this course also the lecturer can be motivated me in learning MMSEL. There are so many lesson that I got form this session, that are we collect the stock of teaching(learning) strategies for teaching in the future in order we are the really next generation of teacher who can make Indonesia better by education , hopefully. Special thanks for Bu Mima who are guided us for MMSEL course and share about your personal experience during you teach. It will became my reflection for me. 🙂